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Ecological Cultivation Agrokthma Gh kai Ygeia
Agrokthma Gh kai Ygeia
Ecological Cultivation
I'm Savvas and since 2000 I've been cultivating cereals, pulses, and some seasonal vegetables, only local varieties with ecological methods that respect the environment.
In 2016 I started processing my raw materials, with the aim of a correct and healthy food. I have my own stone mill and a small cottage industry where food of high nutritional value is created. These are pasta made from wheat flour, trachanades, pasta from legumes, meals such as barley, mushroom soup, falafel, which are made quickly and healthily. We also have stone-ground flour - Zea, soft hard chickpea barley.
We are certainly at your disposal for any other information-updates about us.
Thank you very much.
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