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Healthy nutrition and living To Valsamo
To Valsamo
Healthy nutrition and living
THE VALSAMO (BALM ) is a complete store of organic products.
Our Principles...
We rely on the principles of the "Father" and great Teacher of Medicine, Hippocrates, which are summarized in the following 2 postulates:
1. "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food"
2. "First, do no harm"!
That is why we believe that "The Valsamo" is:
- a modern store of substantial healthy nutrition with only organic Foods and natural-Ecological products and with parallel certification for the sale of orthomolecular preparations of cell nutrition.
- at the same time a promoter of psychosomatic Health and Ecology, in their most essential form - the experiential, far from popular terminology and extremes.'

Your order can be placed:
• by calling 2441072477
•by choosing the products you want from our store, which are then delivered to your door
• by inbox on our page
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