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Natural beauty products, honey Timalfes
Natural beauty products, honey
In 2013 I got breast cancer. In one of the first conversations with my doctor, he characteristically told me "now you pay attention to everything, even the cosmetics you use". So, being a cosmetologist and organic beekeeper and having knowledge about herbs and dealing with waxes, I decided to create my own cosmetic products. The purpose of their existence was initially to do something creative for my mind to manage the new situation in my life but mainly the safe use of the products for me and my 4 daughters. Then they were tried by friends and relatives, they were delighted with the result and with their prompting I decided to launch my cosmetics on the market. In 2017 I founded the natural cosmetics company Timafles. They were named after their quality, precious meaning "precious" and reflecting how important they were to me. Formulas are designed to be safe to use and effective, free of dangerous chemicals and respectful of people, nature and animals.
"Nature gives us her gifts and at Timalfes, we make sure to highlight them in every way because we owe it to ourselves. Especially when it comes to our personal care."
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