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Grocery, local flavors Pantopolion 1922
Pantopolion 1922
Grocery, local flavors
The building housing "Pantopoleion 1922" was built in 1920 by Nikos Liakos, great-grandfather of the current owner, Panagiotis Angelakopoulos. Nikos Liakos, came to Chalkida in 1920, from Loukisia, dressed in traditional dress, that's why they gave him the nickname "Vlachos".

In 1922 it started operating as a grocer's tavern, which was then called "The Kapileio of Vlachos". Since 1922 the country has suffered continuously. Asia Minor disaster, World War II, civil war, uncertainty. Such spaces function as information centers, hiding places, warehouses. In an era, where half of people know how to read and the others don't, where brothers and families are lost, where wine was drunk with beans and onions, Kapileio played its role, therapeutic for social life and as a crossroads of cultures.

The milkman, the potter, the chair maker, the basket maker, people of every social class participated in the Kapileio of Vlachos, weaving the highest art, the Art of Life.

After the occupation, the grandfather of the current owner, Georgios Eleftheriou, takes over the shop. He also produces his own wine, 23 tons each year, with his large barrels adorning Kapileio.

The store is upgraded and gets an ice cooler. In 1973, his grandfather added a cooling mechanism and the refrigerator continued to operate until 1988. It is the same refrigerator, "reborn", today it works in Pantopoleion with the exact same mechanism.

The store reopened in July 2015, with an emphasis on local products from fine producers. We aim for our products to be more than just a quality product on the shelf. We want to highlight their path until they reach you, but also the values ​​with which they are produced. So we visit the producers, see their workplace, draw from their knowledge and recommend them to you, after we have tried them first and like them.

At the same time, every day you can find at Pantopoleion 1922, cooked food from the local products we sell. Here you can enjoy old and new flavors, for every appetite, using our traditional ingredients in new recipes.

At Pantopoleion you can also enjoy many other Flavors of Life, through the music and other events we organize, as we continue what its patrons have experienced since 1922: the meeting of people, the joy of communication and friendship. We want to embrace the beauty of Life and Art, learning and creating together. We want Pantopoleion 1922 to inspire us in our search for "life in abundance"!

All together, and not only here, we can be the change we want. "Life in Abundance" can only be experienced through human relationships, which are built with love and respect for man and nature, but also the relationship with the Creator of every Good, which we enjoy!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
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