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Cosmetics from grape seeds Oinosporos
Cosmetics from grape seeds
The name "Oinosporos" was born from the driving force of the venture, which is the seed ("gigarto") of the grape, the initial element from which something is created or born and symbolizes the new beginning and hope.

The products at "Oinosporos" contain grape seed oil as the basic ingredient, plant ingredients, compatible with the skin that show excellent healing properties for the skin. They also contain natural essential oils, which act holistically, promoting health, well-being and beauty in a natural way, offering maximum cosmetic pleasure and effectiveness, with respect for the environment and without animal experiments (cruelty free).

The basic philosophy of Oinosporos is to reuse the resources of the winery, shaping a more sustainable and yet more competitive economy. In addition, the use of recyclable packaging materials in combination with the produced products that do not burden the environment, help the adoption of the circular economy model, creating innovative products with a low environmental footprint.

The Oinosporos care line includes a complete line of body, face and hair care as well as wine spa products (candles and room fragrances with aromas that refer to those of wine).
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