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Honey, beeswax, soaps Nectar Meteora
Nectar Meteora
Honey, beeswax, soaps
When yesterday meets today and delivers knowledge to the future. When there is a will to preserve the heritage, then comes the next business step! When the love for the bee is passed on to the younger generations, then the "Meteor Nectar" honey is created with responsibility and consistency. So the father-in-law, Apostolos Velaetis, gave the baton to the son-in-law, Andreas Antoniou, to continue the tradition of honey production with love and expertise towards the bee. Having as a common goal the production of bee products in the purest and traditional way, we produce an excellent natural honey that comes from a variety of forest and fir trees, as well as all the wild flowers of the mountainous region of Kalambaka. Continuing the tradition, we produce honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis tincture. Still wanting to use all the products of the bee, in combination with our excellent quality olive oil, we craft waxes, lip balms and olive oil soaps. This is how we produce very good quality products, from 100% natural raw materials.
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