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Organic aloe juice Natuevo
Organic aloe juice
Natuevo started in 2012, when we planted Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller in the old almond grove of the organic farm of the Fetokakis family in Vasileoniko, Chios. Every day since then we cultivate and produce with the aim of self-sufficiency and sustainability, leaving as little ecological footprint as possible, and always in the rhythms of natural evolution.

Organic aloe juice
The recipe for organic aloe vera juice was created in an effort to find the most direct and natural way to drink aloe vera gel and enjoy all the healing substances of this particular plant. From antiquity until today, aloe has been in our diet, helping the proper functioning of the digestive system, a basic condition for a strong immune mechanism. Lemon and mastic oil, in addition to antioxidant and antimicrobial action respectively, offer the taste of the plain and the smell of Chios.

We will be very happy for you to visit us at Vasileoniko and to guide you through all the stages of juice production, from dawn, when we cut the leaves in the field, to dusk, when we seal the last bottle in the workshop, on a small scale, manually and with love.
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