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Bee products from Axiou Melisokipos
Bee products from Axiou
Melissokipos is a family business that deals with bees and its products since 2004, our headquarters are in Kymina D. Delta - Thessaloniki.

Our beehives are transported all over Macedonia.

We produce: spring honey (flower honey from the orchards of Macedonia), autumn honey (from the forest of Halkidiki), heather (Halkidiki) honey, royal jelly, pollen of various flowers and chestnut, propolis, waxes and we constantly add new products.

In 2016, a home-made business is created with code GR54000428 and we produce an innovative product, MELENIA (honey-carob-tahini & hazelnut)

In 2017 a new product is added, MELENIA 2 (honey-carob-tahini-pistachio)

In 2018, another product is added, pioneering for Greece, HONEY CREAM
In 2021 another product is added HONEY CREAM - ALMOND
and we go on...
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