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Home care, orthopedics, mastectomy items Kifidis Care
Kifidis Care
Home care, orthopedics, mastectomy items
Kifidis Care – Nursing & Home Care Services of Kifidis company provides a complete solution to people with mobility and other difficulties and provides them and their caregivers with the best care and education for the better functioning of the patient and the family.

We have a full range of home care products, including
- hospital beds for purchase and rent
- mattresses and air mattresses
- uprights, cranes and lifts
- bath and daily aids
- incontinence products, bedding and consumables
- oxygen therapy and all accessories
- wheelchairs, maintenance, service and spare parts
- orthopedics, walking aids
- And much more

Kifidis Care collaborates with specialized and certified doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and nursing staff, who make home visits to serve various medical, nursing and caring services, providing complete equipment, know-how and immediate response.

The full range of services combined with the modern platform and the easy process for scheduling an appointment, as well as the direct communication with specialized staff facilitate the finding of the desired and ideal service.

In collaboration with our specialized staff and experienced and recognized health professionals we aim
• To help the patient in his daily life and to improve his quality of life
• To establish stable and permanent relationships of trust
• Strengthen caregiver-patient relationships by providing caregiver training

Benefit for the Patient:
- Immediate service of his needs without unnecessary travel
- Complete medical and nursing care at home
- Better quality of life and improved psychology
- Elimination of possible hospital infections or further complications in treatment
- Optimal care and training of caregivers for the better functioning of the patient and the family

Kyfidis Care
- Experienced and certified staff
- Doctors, Nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, psychologists and other specialties
- Service throughout Attica
- Complete equipment, know-how and immediate response
- Support with corresponding Care Products

At Kifidis Care we are always available to help you take proper care of your loved ones.
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