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Organic processing of agricultural products Genuine Tastes
Genuine Tastes
Organic processing of agricultural products
Genesis Gefseis is a company of organic drying, packaging and standardization of fruits and vegetables, based in Kiato, Corinth.

The company has existed since 2013, having since launched on the market special codes such as apple chips, a bunch of dried grapes, black garlic, unsalted olives that have not passed brine, etc. Our Philosophy is to process fruits and vegetables in such a way that the end result keeps its “Genuine Taste” as long as possible!

Finally, we launched semi-dry products on the market. Our semi-dry products are a stage before their final drying, thus keeping their original composition in taste and texture. Also, with the maintenance methods, we have developed, these products are kept safe by microorganisms. Our final dried and semi-dried products have only the product itself as an ingredient and a shelf life of at least one year from their packaging.

Our dried fruits are designed to provide excellent solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Moulki, Kiato Zip Code 20200, Corinth, Greece
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