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Pharmacy, personal care, vitamins Pharmacy Katsarou-Papadakou Lambrini
Pharmacy Katsarou-Papadakou Lambrini
Pharmacy, personal care, vitamins
For many years now, in our pharmacy we have been offering our services with the aim of relieving fellow human beings who are suffering, in a friendly, family-like environment. We provide advisory support with respect for the problem of each person who suffers, with responsibility and humanity, but above all with trust and attention in the execution of medical prescriptions and preparations.

In our Pharmacy you will find the largest variety of medicines, covered by your insurance. In the pharmacy area there is also the whole range of homeopathic medicines for those who choose alternative treatment methods.

Medicines - Parapharmaceutical products - Orthopedics - Oral Hygiene - Food supplements - Vitamins - Baby items and products - Cosmetics.

EOPYY – Military Fund

Delivery to Trikala.
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