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Unique organic infusions ertha
Unique organic infusions
The whole philosophy of ertha has a holistic approach, from the moment the seed reaches the ground to the moment the cup reaches your mouth. The benefits of organic farming for both your body and the planet, the proper use of resources, and even recyclable packaging are part of our contribution to a better planet.

Each ingredient that is part of an ertha infusion is not simply selected on the basis of its individual properties. Our goal is to create harmonious and exciting combinations, which will offer you the complete set of advantages. So, every mix is ​​the beginning of a wonderful journey for the body and the senses!

In terms of raw materials, the variety of options provided by Greek nature is unparalleled. Their beneficial properties have been known to the Greeks since antiquity. Thanks to the practices of organic farming and the completely natural process that we apply, we maintain their high nutritional and healthy value.

"You are what you eat." This could be Nature's best advice as a nourishing and caring mother. It's wise advice and we take it very seriously. That is why we use exclusively organic, fresh and pure ingredients, all from Greece. With every cup of ertha, you have the power of nature in your hands!
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