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Wigs with natural hair Di Capelli
Di Capelli
Wigs with natural hair
With more than 15 years of expertise in the field of aesthetic hair prosthetics, we are very happy and proud to state that we are one of the most recognized and popular hair aesthetic studios in Greece.
We offer the largest variety and service on the market with your satisfaction and comfort as our main priority.
Our principle as a company is to respect your privacy and for this very reason we have created separate VIP areas where you can relax and feel comfortable as if you were at home without any disturbance, enjoying our services.
One of the products for which we stand out is the sdc medical wig.
The sdc medical wig completely replaces natural hair.
The evolution of Medi gives every woman who wears it the satisfaction of feeling good about herself and not having to think about whether she should take it off at night, how to bathe, how to comb her hair because everything is done in a natural way as if it's her hair. So that she feels every moment beautiful and feels good about herself.
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