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Essential oils, herbs, cosmetics Bio Life Secrets
Bio Life Secrets
Essential oils, herbs, cosmetics
Our business is small and family run. But as our crops grow, so do we grow and develop with them.

In 2012 we started our business growing lavender. We got to know and work the land with respect and love and it rewarded us with excellent quality crops. Today, we have expanded and cultivate with certified organic methods about 300 acres, having enriched our crops with aromatic plants and herbs that suit the climate and soil of our place.

Aiming at a final product in the quality we want, we decided to proceed by undertaking the processing and standardization ourselves, according to European quality standards.

Now all the steps, from soil preparation and planting to harvesting and processing, go through our hands and are done under our personal supervision.

In 2016 we started exporting to European countries laying the first stone for the realization of our next goal which is the even greater recognition of Greek products in foreign markets and the creation of a strong brand name with the main feature being stable and high quality.

Today our Herbs, Essential Oils and Flower Water travel to America, Canada and Europe.
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