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Small producers, Serifian products Bakalliston
Small producers, Serifian products
Bakalliston is a food and drink store with products from small producers from all over Greece.

In Livadi Serifos, inside the shopping center, with traditional local products as well as products from all over Greece such as honey, olive oil, wine, herbs, spices, nuts, traditional delicacies, organic products, natural cosmetics and much more. Come and set sail for a tasteful journey in Greece from end to end!

Bakalliston, wanting to strengthen this network, brought solidarity trade products to Serifos. Zapatista coffee, cocoa from Bolivia, green tea from India. The producers of the products fight collectively through cooperatives, movements or organizations to change their lives in the harsh conditions of the "poor South" as well as the "rich North".

Solidarity trade is the direct distribution of food from the producer to the consumer, eliminating networks of middlemen. It is a proposal for self-organization of our nutritional needs, and not only, against the rules imposed by the market on production, distribution and consumption. Bakalliston is a fact!

Surfio products - Olive oil - Honey - Herbs - Nuts - Spices - Wines - Spirits - Traditional sweets - Natural cosmetics - Organic products.
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